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Joshua Porter over at Bokardo published an excellent slideshow in which he discusses the various stages users go through as they use applications over time. The slideshow is definitely comprehensive and not something you should just glance over, so make sure you find the time to read through what this man has to say, because it’s pure gold. Head over to the original post.

Custom Events in jQuery

Published 5 years ago, in Blog, Web


If you’ve spent some quality time with Javascript, then you probably already figured out it’s an event-driven language. This means that most things done with Javascript are simply reactions to what can be defined as interesting moments in your application. (…) more after the jump ›

Good Design is Incremental

Published 5 years ago, in Blog, Web


The concept of fiddling with and tweaking your design project on the final stages of development is probably not foreign to you, but the idea of doing it after your project is done might be.

If you work as a freelancer, you probably live on a project-by-project basis, and you realize that you just can’t spare the time to gradually refine each and every one of your projects. However, if you’re an in-house designer or developer (or if you’re just a freelancer who runs his/her own blog), you can probably appreciate the merits of a product-oriented mindset which is concentrated on getting a product out and then refining it continuously through it’s lifespan. (…) more after the jump ›

The Power of Undo

Published 5 years ago, in Blog, Web

Can I Has CTRL-Z Plz?

Ah, CTRL-Z. I’m sure at some point in our lives, everyone has wished they had the ability to go back in time and Undo something they did. The ability to undo, however, is rather commonplace in the computer world. It allows one to revert a document to an older state by negating the last action(s) performed and all of their consequences.

If you have used a computer before, I’m sure this feature has saved you numerous times. It’s so deeply rooted in our subconscious people sometimes use it without even thinking about it. If undo is so successful on the desktop, what is the reason for it’s almost non-existance in Web Applications?

(…) more after the jump ›