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Jornadas da Ria 2011

Published 4 years ago, in Portfolio, Web

Website developed for an Environmentally themed conference at the University of Aveiro. Developed using the CakePHP Framework. Visit the website

The Jeffrey Zeldman Interview

Published 5 years ago, in Blog, Web

Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman is one of the fathers of the Web Standards movement. When everyone was using Flash, he soldiered on and shouted for everyone to hear: “Hey, write it in HTML instead!”. Now, according to himself, HTML, CSS and Javascript are the de facto standard the Web is built on. During this year’s SXSW Festival, Zeldman gave an interview to .net magazine where he discusses these and other issues of interest to the Web industry.

Download the article in PDF format (4.2 MB)

Yes, it’s true! The next working CSS specification is being published in paperback format. As a thriller! Some may argue the current CSS 3 Spec is already a huge page-turner, and would sell millions as it is, but the W3C, in a bold move to make Web Standards hip (as in cool), hired famous writer Dan Brown to novelize the upcoming standard.

Brown is the author of famous novels such as The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, both of which have been recently made into movies, so we should expect a work of the highest standard of fiction. Keeping this in mind, here is an artist’s rendition of the cover of the soon-to-be novel:

Cascading Lies

Oh yeah, and judging by the direction things are going, you should expect to see this in bookshelves across the World as early as 2017. And, sources say, the movie tie-in is coming in 2018.

Learning to Love IE6

Published 5 years ago, in Blog, Web

Yesterday I gave a small lecture on designing and developing for the Web with IE6 support in mind. The presentation covers some of the most common bugs and techniques to circumvent or altogether avoid those little annoying issues that plague us all. Some of the bugs and their solutions were taken from Chris Coyer’s excellent post at CSS-Tricks on the same subject. Without further ado, here is the presentation:

How to (correctly) size text on the Web

Published 5 years ago, in Blog, Web

How to (correctly) size text on the Web

One of the most frequent hurdles (and one which I’ve ran into myself) Web Designers face is how to correctly size text using CSS. The most straightforward way to do this is by using absolute px values, but this comes at a price: IE6 users won’t be able to resize the text, and will be stuck with whatever you decide is best. If one of your users has some type of vision impairment, congratulations, you’ve just made someone’s life a little harder. (…) more after the jump ›